Home Sweet Home–Fall Collection


About the Collection:
This year’s theme for the Fall Collection is all about the comfort of being home. Whether home is a one bedroom apartment or a house by the beach, there’s no feeling like being home. Cozying up with a warm drink, sharing memories with loved ones, and taking time to slow down are all part of this wonderful season. When life starts to pick up its pace, this collection is a reminder to seek comfort in being still in your most favorite place with your most favorite people.


Launch Details:
To celebrate the launch of the Fall Collection, the new Home Sweet Home Mug will be released at 30% off! Yup, this is not a drill, people. A very limited about of mugs will launch today at 12pm, so make sure to take advantage!

Tomorrow the complete collection launches, woohoo! Mugs, prints, candles, oh my!

Mugs: The new Home Sweet Home Mug will be fully stocked and ready for you to purchase. You’re going to love the perfectly unperfect hand-lettered design!

Prints: This year it’s sans pumpkins, leaves, and autumn quotes. I’m taking a bit of a risk this year by releasing illustrations of Fall Florals and a print of the Home Sweet Home design. It’s all about simplicity and timeless decor.

Candles: What is fall without the perfect fall candles, right?! Tomorrow I’ll be launching two soy candles: pumpkin + clove and sugar + spice. They smell DELICIOUS! Plus, they’re made with all natural essential oils. Non-toxic is always a good thing. You can expect to see two candle designs, which you’ll be able to pair with either of the two scents.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the new Fall Collection! Hope you enjoy and share these new goodies with all your family & friends. You can shop the collection here starting today!


September Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers


September is the month that doesn’t feel quite like summer or quite like fall. It’s that in between month where you’re still holding on to summer but anticipating fall. So I created a wallpaper that features September / Fall flowers. That’s my take on the “almost fall but I don’t want summer to leave yet” feeling.


Hope you like the illustrations. It’s my first time adding color to my illustrations and I gotta say, I looooove the results from editing them in Photoshop. So go ahead and hold on to summer a little longer. But don’t forget those crisp winds are right around the corner 😉

Download the wallpapers by clicking on the wallpaper. Then, right-click if you’re on a desktop or long press if you’re on a mobile device.


Cool Popsicles August Free Mobile & Desktop Wallpapers

Styled Stock Images for Instagram and Social Media Socail Squares

After doing a little poll on Insta stories, watermelon or popsicles for this month’s wallpapers, popsicles won. You asked I delivered!

Styled Stock Images for Instagram and Social Media Socail Squares

I had a blast creating these illustrated popsicles with my new Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They blend together so easily. It’s like drawing with butter. And the colors of the set I used are so versatile and have a great pay off. They look pretty delicious. If only I could grab them right off the screen and enjoy!

Hope these wallpapers remind you to enjoy the last stretch of summer.

Download the wallpapers by clicking on the wallpaper. Then, right-click if you’re on a desktop or long press if you’re on a mobile device.



3 Ways To Use The New Styld by Grace Canvas bag

I’m really excited to share a new item that hit the virtual SBG shelves today. Say hello to the ‘Beautiful in Every Way’ canvas pouch. I’ve rounded up 3 uses for this handy bag. Keep reading below…

1. TOILETRIES Styldbygrace_BeautifulInEveryWay_Pouch_Tassel_2017_04

Yup, this pouch is big enough to carry a full-size face wash and ever a shampoo. You can thank me later 😉 I’d throw face wash, toner, face mask, moisturizers, and deodorant. And how cute it the handmade tassel that comes with it?!

2. ESSENTIAL OILS Styldbygrace_BeautifulInEveryWay_Pouch_Tassel_2017_11

If you’re an essential oils addict like me, then this pouch is for you. I like carrying, what I like to call, my “medicine cabinet”, wherever I go. And because I love sharing the power of these bottles, with this bag I can sample bottles to share.

3. STATIONARYStyldbygrace_BeautifulInEveryWay_Pouch_Tassel_2017_26

Keeping all your pens, pencils, erasers, and even a medium size agenda in one place, just got a whole lot easier. I like that I can keep all my stuff in one place. Because when I’m in a hurry to grab a pen I know exactly where to look.

So how will you use this canvas pouch? Let me know in the comments below. To shop this bag go to the Styld by Grace Shop. Why not treat yo’ self and a friend?

P.S. Be part of the launch day giveaway! When you purchase a canvas pouch today, you’re automatically entered to be one of three lucky winners that’ll receive their pouch filled with a bunch of goodies like lipstick, eyeshadow, and falsies (see image below). Winners will be picked randomly. Good luck!


July Patriotic Wallpapers


Happy 4th of July! No better way to celebrate with you than to share a few Patriotic wallpapers for our devices.


They’re simple hand letterings and illustrations with a feminine twist while maintaining a very patriotic vibe.


Enjoy and share them with all your friends and fam!


Download the wallpapers by clicking on the wallpaper. Then, right-click if you’re on a desktop or long press if you’re on a mobile device.