Choosing Grace Over Perfection When The Path Isn’t Clear Yet

  1. Mimi says:

    Sad in my flesh but excited because while the path is not clear in the natural, in the supernatural He has already worked it out what is to come. He has great things in store for your future and the future of Styld By Grace. It’s been such a blessing to be part of this space. You have been obedient when you started and now when he’s asking you to lay it down. Praying for discernment and clarity for the next steps. I love you sis 🧡

  2. Olga Amaya says:

    Mamita, se que Dios tiene grandes cosas para usted, cuando El permite que algo salga de nuestras vidas es porque El tiene cosas mucho mejores y bellas para nosotros en su tiemo,, y lo más importante es que sea obediente a su voz , es nuestra mayor adoración es obedecerá a El y El allanara nuestros caminos, recuerde la historia de Abraham,

  3. Yannivi Agama says:

    SBG!! Definitely sad but believing that wherever God bad for you is the best thing for you! 🤗🤍

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