IVF ONLY – Our Miracle Is In Motion

  1. Stephanie Ginn says:

    Praising Jesus with you!!! You are going to be amazing parents! So happy!!
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  2. Lillian Roura says:

    Beautiful, precious pictures.
    Best blog so far.
    I had tears running down my face from the beginning of your IVF story, to the end of it, which is now a new beginning, by the grace of an awesome GOD!🤰👼

  3. Monica Hoefel says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!! Thank you Father. You are faithful, ALL THE TIME. Thank you for sharing your journey. You have brought so much hope for many. I love you. Enjoy your pregnancy sis. You are stronger than you thought, but I knew it all along. CRYING happy tears. 🥰

  4. Raquel says:

    God works in mysterious ways. Our ways are not always his ways. BUT His perfect way nonetheless. Praise be to God and to this miracle.
    I always wondered why each of us go through what we go through, the pain, the suffering, the good and bad experiences, but it’s a grand plan that one day God will use each of our experiences to bless others, to be there for others, to really feel the pain of others. God is perfect , His timing is perfect, and His ways are perfect. Rejoice in the Name of Jesus.
    May your pregnancy and this new experience in your marriage only bless each of you more. I pray God gives you strength and wisdom to navigate through all that comes with being parents. It is the hardest job, yet the most rewarding.
    I’m truly happy for you. And can’t wait to see more of your baby process. 🥰🥰

  5. Alton & Des Hudson says:

    Congratulations Mama and Daddy to be 😘 Thank you for your transparency in sharing your journey. Your walk of Faith and Bravery will be encouraging to many. Alton and I are very exciting for this new season you are both walking into. God is a Faithful God!

  6. Yannivi says:

    Soooo incredibly happy for you both!!! You are so so brave T! I love you both so much!!!!!

  7. EmmannuelleT says:

    Oh my God… it’s so great to read your story. It instantly makes me happy. Hope to share a similar story as well one day. 🙂 i just started blogging as well about trying to get pregnant with endometriosis. Please have a look and follow me if you like : http://tryingwithendometriosis.blog All the best, Emmanuelle

  8. Congratulations to you! It’s so nice to read a positive IVF story. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy 🙂 xx
    I have just started blogging about my IVF journey, feel free to take a look

  9. Emma says:

    So thrilled for you!!!! Incredible news 🤗🤗

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