Fall Collection-Prints & Chalkboard Art

What a work of love this Fall Collection has been for me! The hours spent, the brainstorming with friends and family, the erasing and starting over. It’s all been well worth it. I hope you love these pieces as much as we do. You can find them in our Etsy Shop today!




Grace Glass Mug has Arrived!


I’m so excited to share the first product of our Fall Collection. Every piece is based around the concept of Grace (you can read more about our design process here). Grace can mean so many things to people. Grace can be a prayer. Grace can mean kindness. Or grace can be considered to be elegance. For us, here at Styld by Grace, Grace is what we stand for.

Grace is open, visible, available, palpable, and unlimited. It’s “larger than life”, while still being simple enough to embrace. Grace is a gift, a treasure that adorns our hearts and lives. Grace is meant to be shared, it’s meant to be savored each and every day. We believe Grace is acceptance. Acceptance from God to be exactly who He called us to be.

And with that, I present to you our ‘Grace’ Glass Mug.

They’re waiting for you at our shop. Click here to get yours!

Give Me All the Pumpkin Spice Lattes-Digital Downloads


It isn’t Fall if we don’t have some Pumpkin Spice Lattes, am I right? Hope you’ve enjoyed your first cup this week. If not, or if you’re obsessed with PSLs just as much as the rest of the world, here are a few digital downloads for your phone and desktop. Happy Pumpkin Spice Season, peeps!

To download, scroll down and either long press on the images if you’re on a mobile device, or right-click if you’re at a desktop.





The Season of Grace

Hello, everyone! I was debating if I should do a Facebook Live or write a blog and I decided to write a blog. One, because I can share pretty pictures here. And two, I ain’t ready for Facebook Live haha! I would love to know if anyone would sign on to hear this shy girl speak? Yes, maybe, no?

ANYWAY! I’m signing in with you all to share a bit of my inspiration for very first Fall Collection. The process of going from blogging to opening shop has been a huge step of faith and it is definitely something that has required me to get out of my comfort zone.


There’s been a sense of urgency and expectancy for this season. And with that also comes a lot of pressure to perform and do well. I’ve had this thought running around in my head, “Theresa, you need to keep up”. And I didn’t realize that that thought wasn’t healthy. I need to go at the pace that’s right for ME. And trust God to teach me along the way.

Styld by Grace means to be fashioned by God’s grace. To live a life based on grace, not perfection. So… if that’s our vision and I’m the one delivering this mission, I should be the first one living it. But that’s not always the case. When deciding what this fall season theme would be, I chose to keep diving into the concept, the gift of God’s grace. And so the sketches started pouring out. And the creative juices, the words that were stirring up inside of me, were my compass.


What does a season of grace mean to you? For me it means favor, ease, acceptance, appreciation, giving, harvest. And all these things remind me of beautiful old hymns and songs. It reminds me of gathering with family and praying and giving thanks.

During the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more and more pieces come from Styld by Grace. They’re pieces based on the elegance of grace, the songs we sing to give God thanks, and the fun and excitement of the harvest season. They all have a connection to what we believe is grace.


The reason for creating these things? Well, I had to ask myself that question. And at the end of the day, it all goes back to having encouragement in every season of my life that directs my focus to God. And that’s what I desire for Styld by Grace to be for you this season. I hope you’re reminded that this season isn’t about going into overdrive, striving, or performing. It’s about God’s grace: giving thanks, spending time with family while sipping on a cup of coffee, singing along to hymns around a piano or guitar, and just having a good time celebrating the GOOD God has given us and will continue to bless us with.

I hope you love and are blessed by all the beautiful pieces we created! Tomorrow we are launching our first piece, the Grace Glass Mug! You can see a preview of it on our Instagram. Here’s to a GRACE-FILLED Fall season!

5 Answers to Your Questions on Body Shaming & The Struggle for Perfect Bodies


A few weeks ago we published a blog that was all about The Struggle for Perfect Bodies. We resolved to extend grace to ourselves and love our bodies right where they’re at. We concluded that we ARE enough, even when we feel that our bodies aren’t “perfect”. As promised we sat down with my friend Angie Gonzalez, from 29J11, to give us some practical and professional advice on how to love our bodies.

Angie has been in the field of psychotherapy for more than a decade. She is known for her work with adolescents, young adults, adults, families, and groups. The primary objective of 29J11 is to provide Bible and evidence-based therapeutic interventions that can help heal teens and adults with food issues.

So without further ado, here are 5 Answers to Your Question on Body Shaming and The Struggle for Perfect Bodies:

1. How do we overcome our negative body image thoughts?
First, we need to be aware that we are speaking negatively about our bodies. Think of a girls bathroom, what comments do you hear most girls saying about their bodies?  Next realize God knit you perfectly in your mother’s womb.  No one has the body you have and he knows why. His purpose for your life requires you to have the body you have!  Once you identify the negative thoughts about your body, stop picking on yourself, and being your own bully, start replacing each negative thought with a positive one!

2. What techniques do you use with your clients?
One of them is realizing where the negative body image thoughts came from. Who influenced your thoughts about your body?  Then drop these negative thoughts at the foot of the cross and start seeing yourself as God sees you…a beautiful masterpiece. His Masterpiece. Take a post it and post it on the bathroom mirror with positive thoughts about your body. Also, if social media is not helping your image of self because you find yourself comparing to other, stop and take a social media break. Then when you come back, commit to posting only body positive and positive pictures and images.


3. How do we change our conversation so we stop shaming ourselves and others?
Commit to being a conversation stopper. When you hear body shaming or negative body talk, then start a BODY positive conversation. Start telling others what you like about them that makes them special!

4. Is it normal to feel like we don’t like our bodies?
Unfortunately, Yes. There is something called Normative Discontent where most of society struggles with some body image. However, if your thoughts are consumed with body dislike, and you find that you don’t like the way you look to the extent that it interferes with your daily living, then you may want to consult a professional.

5. What is a personal story or lesson you’ve learned while learning to love your body?
My upper arms have always been a little bigger, and my friends as a teenager used to play with my arms and make them jiggle. I always thought that I really didn’t like them. But then one day in prayer, God spoke to me and let me know to stop hating on my arms because these arms are the arms that wrap around my family and friends, that love my hugs. These arms also hug my clients when they need it, without my fluffy arms, my hugs wouldn’t feel the same.

Thank you, Angie, for pouring out so much wisdom and insight! I know every SBG reader will be changed by your words.

If you would like to learn more about Angie and the services she provides through 29J11, please visit her webpage here.