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Find something that helps you choose grace today


I can’t believe six months have already come and gone. Many nights as I give Phoenix his last bottle, I hold him close, and I look through his newborn pictures. Especially the ones we have from the hospital. It’s almost surreal that we’re here. Despite all the opposition, we made it! (Thank you, Jesus). It […]

Faith, Family

September 2, 2020

Six Months Of Phoenix And Baby Must Haves That We Can't Live Without


I’m FINALLY getting to posting pictures of my baby shower, which was a MONTH ago. WOW! Time flies. I’m officially in the “nesting” season but I wanted to be faithful in documenting this miracle’s life. We decided to have a desert themed baby shower to pay homage to our baby’s name–Phoenix 😉 This day was […]

Family, Lifestyle

February 10, 2020

Desert Theme Baby Shower for Baby Phoenix


This past weekend was pretty emotional! This was the first time real tears of excitement and joy were shed. Post IVF and a positive pregnancy test, you’d think that immediate joy would settle in but to my surprise, it didn’t. I was still struggling with lots of fear and worry. I was trying to get […]


October 4, 2019

I'm Anti-Gender Reveal Parties and I Still Had One – Here's Why


I’ve been keeping this secret for the past couple of months (hardest secret to keep, by the way) and I am so happy and excited to finally let you in on it. FINALLY, I’m pregnant! We are pregnant by the grace of God AND because of an amazing medical team at Fertility Care: The IVF […]


August 27, 2019

IVF ONLY – Our Miracle Is In Motion


What a road we have been on the past few months. (Well, really the past 3.5 years. Here’s the whole story in case you haven’t read it yet). Our first IVF cycle started in April and I can’t believe we went through that and are (ALMOST) on the other side. We have been to countless […]


July 24, 2019

IVF ONLY – Keep Fighting, Fighter