IVF ONLY – Keep Fighting, Fighter

  1. notyetmum says:

    This was everything I needed to read today. Thank you.

  2. Lillie says:

    You are so brave and so strong! Thank you for sharing this very hard but real season of your life with us all and using it to encourage. God is already being glorified in you doing just that. I’m going through a very tough season myself and today specifically is a very nerve wrecking day. So your words have encouraged me and reaffirmed me in the truth of who God is in a very timely way. Keep fighting and I’m excited to continue reading about your journey.

  3. Angeline Hernandez says:

    Thank you Theresa for sharing your heart and for speaking faith into our storm as you boldly face yours. As you said “Fight your battle with an army of people who can pray for you, uplift you, and let you be yourself.” Thank you for being a direct line of encouragement for so many and letting us fight our battles alongside of you through prayer and complete trust in God. We wont stop praying and believing for you both. I needed to be reminded of this today, THANK YOU

  4. Monica Hoefel says:

    ah what a precious gift you have shared with us today. So blessed and encouraged to keep fighting through the storms of our lives. We are locked arms with you in praying and fighting this battle right along side of you. We love you sis. My princess warrior. <3

  5. Arlhin Arias says:

    This is so beautiful Teresa! You guys are so strong! I pray that God continue giving you the strength you both need to continue walking in this journey! I’m believing with both of you that at the end you guys will get the VICTORY in Jesus Christ !!!

  6. Yannivi says:

    Wow wow wow. thank you so much for sharing your experience and what God has taught you through this time. I’m believing and praying with you hard. Love you!!!!

  7. ebothma says:

    Keep fighting. Something I’m telling myself as often as I can at the moment. It’ll all be worth it with that positive result!

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