Should I say yes or no? Overcoming People Pleasing

  1. Monica says:

    Great blog. Thank you for your transparency.
    This was a struggle of mine as well. I thank God for helping deal with this. It has brought peace, joy and freedom. It’s important to be able to make our yes a yes and our no a no. It was hard at first, for the same reasons your shared. One thing that helped me overcome this monster and make decisions based on right motives was to ask myself everytime, why am I doing this? It creaps in from time to time but giving my best yes is very important. 😘

  2. Yannivi says:

    “By declaring God’s truth that says, “I am accepted, I am loved, I am enough”, I am overcoming the need to please people. Discovering what God says in His word about me and what He has called me to do as His follower, helps me keep my motives and true intentions in check.”

    I love this because it’s so true. We constantly have to check our hearts and our intentions on why we do things. Are we doing it for God or to please people? that’s so powerful and such a great reminder. Thanks for being so transparent t!

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