Confessions of a Newlywed

  1. Yannivi says:

    Wow I so love this T. It’s pretty much every girls dream to get married and find their perfect spouse but I think a lot of us, myself included, forget that it’s not about the happy wedding day that fulfills your life. The way you said it was so perfect “it’s the calling in your life that only God can anoint you” and the whole point is to understand his spirit and character of a servant. I love love love this blog T! Even though I’m not married this hit right at home. Thank you for being so transparent with us! Xo

  2. Monica says:

    My princess I love your blog. This only gets better. The best is yet to come. Love your transparency, love that you are sharing so openly of this beautiful new season in your life with all the challenges and test. I love you.

  3. Bernadette Zacarias says:

    Theresa, I am in awe of the profoundness of your blog, your life, your reality! I thank you so much for sharing. God is definitely using you to reach out and touch others who may be experiencing the same thing or don’t know yet what’s to come! Hint Hint!!! Believe it or not, I am the same way. I’ve been so independent for so long that I got so accustomed to doing life in my terms. Now that I’m engaged and a new mother I’ve had to learn to put others first. Coming straight out of an alternative lifestyle has been such a struggle for me to submit to my fiancé, let alone a man. It’s by the grace of a God that He changed my heart, humbled me and taught me to Love the way He loves. I’m still a work in progress and I thank God for such a patient, loving and understanding life partner. I do miss sleeping in, pampering myself, and just having to clean up after myself!!! 😜 That doesn’t exist anymore!!! Renewal of the mind, right?!? 😉 congrats on your blog!!! Can’t wait to read more! Keep ’em coming!!!

    • Wow… thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story with me. I feel so honored. I’m so happy this post blessed you. Renewing the mind is definitely key and definitely possible when we have Jesus in our lives. xo

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