Design Tip Tuesday: Create a Mood board


During an interview, I was asked why I decided to become a graphic designer. I told them my honest answer, “The movie 13 Going on 30”. I explained that her creative process of collecting things to establish the vision of her magazine spread made me want to do the same. I’ve always liked to collect and save things that are memorable to me. A menu, a tag or ticket stub. Designing is more about the process and the collection of ideas, than doing stuff in Photoshop.

Creating a mood board is a way of organizing thoughts and creating a consistent visual treatment. There are different ways to create a mood board. If you like hands-on projects, then pinning different things that inspire you to cork board might work. If you’re more of a techy person, maybe it’s collecting images online to create a mood board in Photoshop like the image above. The whole point is to be inspired before you create. And also, to show others collaborating on the project, a visual representation of where your vision is at. You can incorporate color palettes, font treatments, quotes, examples of photography that you like, and the list goes on.

Perhaps you’re thinking, well isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Yes and no. Yes, you can use Pinterest to make a board for your project. But grouping image of that relate to one another within one board, isn’t an option on Pinterest. So take the time, be inspired, inspire others, and mood board your heart away.

Send your summer mood boards to @styldbygrace on Instagram. I’ll repost my favorites! 

5 Floral Accessory Finds


These are some floral accessories I found in my own closet. No shopping necessary! I’ve had these pieces for a few years, but I haven’t put them to good use in a while.

It’s a smart habit to hold on to statement pieces (big or small), even if you aren’t using them consistently. They will most likely be your “new” go to accessory when you least expect it. What was out of style a few years ago, might be in style now. And what was old yesterday, might be new today.

Repurpose and reuse your accessories. The satisfaction of getting a compliment on an old treasure (with no money spent) is pretty awesome.

Share some of your personal closet finds! How will you use them this summer?