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Find something that helps you choose grace today


It’s so bittersweet to have Christmas right around the corner. A part of me wants it to be here a.s.a.p. Another part of me wants it to hold off so I can keep enjoying the lights, trees, and just that warm Christmas feeling.  I’ve never documented my home during Christmas and this year I wanted […]


December 19, 2018

Christmas Home Tour


At the end of November, I start asking all my family members to send me their Christmas Wishlists. I really love seeing what’s on their list because I want to give them exactly what they’re wishing for. But also because I like getting ideas for things I may need or want for myself or other […]


December 15, 2018

2018 Christmas Wish List


For this season of Thanksgiving, I want to embrace contentment, joy, and peace. Being content with what I have, enjoying the small things, and being at peace with this season of my life. I believe contentment, joy, and peace come when we thank God for the right now and trust Him for our tomorrows. I […]


November 1, 2018

November’s Free Mobile Download Is Here!


I’m excited to share a new freebie I created for my fellow homemakers. That word, homemaker, may be a dirty word to some but to me, it means the head lady in charge. The boss lady. The home engineer. The puzzle solver. The family manager. The lady of the house. And oftentimes, the home economist. […]


October 15, 2018

Wellness Cards For Moms Struggling To Keep Up With Their Home


I wish I could say I made this wreath myself but I didn’t (maybe next year or when I have more patience). I knew I had a specific budget that didn’t permit me to shop at stores like Pier1 or Pottery Barn. So, the next best thing was HomeGoods and it cost me less than […]

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October 16, 2014

5 Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget