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Find something that helps you choose grace today


In a world where flawlessness, immaculately chiseled bodies, and baby-smooth skin is the norm, there’s very little room to show weakness or imperfections. Being a girl boss, a hustler, a workaholic, is admired. I cannot lie. I would love to be able to live a perfect life. A life where I can juggle every single […]


March 10, 2016

Grace: The cure for perfectionism


Can I share how daunting the new year can be? I kind of feel obligated to be on my “A-game” because everyone else is trying to be on theirs. And honestly, I think resolutions are so 2015. 😉 So this year, in 2016, I have decided to set goals for the different parts of my life. […]


January 14, 2016