Christmas Collection Inspiration

I’m amazed at how quickly the month of October has gone by. I feel like I was just getting excited over Pumpkin Spice Lattes and everything fall. Now we are prepping and working hard for our CHRISTMAS COLLECTION! (Yes, all caps, because… CHRISTMAS!).

I wanted to share some of my inspiration for the collection and my creative process. I love everything rustic but I love minimalistic and modern design just as much. How can you combine the two when they seem like total opposites? Well, that was my challenge.


And so the idea of using an organic, yet very elegant color, came to mind. This year’s Christmas Collection is going to have mint green as its star. Rustic elements, along with golds and whites will bring this theme together. I enjoy the classic red and white Christmas theme but a little twist never hurt nobody, right? Red, you’ve been hogging the spotlight way tooo long. Give way for minty green goodness!

Be ready to see prints, stationary, chalkboard art, and other SURPRISES, in our very chic yet rustic, minty green theme! Here’s some of my inspiration…

Are you as excited as I am?! Can’t wait to share all the new goodies with you. Stay connected on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter, to know when our Christmas Collection hits our shop.


My Home Office Makeover

After a year of saving up to get it done, we made it happen! It’s the right space for me to work, write and create. It looks more like a mini art studio to me (wink). Some of my ceramic and artwork is displayed, which helps me stay inspired to create.

There’s a missing closet door (I might put a curtain instead), there’s no seating for guests and the paint needs to be retouched in some areas. It’s a work in progress. But isn’t everything in a life a work in progress anyway?

Take at look at the before pictures:


Desk | Lamp | Bookshelves | Drawers | Chair | Rug | Globe