Palm Tree Lovin’


I love palm trees! They’re so pretty and they give me a sense of peace. I look at them and automatically think of tropical paradise. I think of rest and relaxation. I think of laying on the beach under a palm tree, sipping on a cold piña colada. Ahhh… if only I could be on vacation 24/7.

But I’m reminded of the Psalm that says, “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green” (Psalm‬ ‭92‬:‭12-14).

There’s a reason why we long for r&r. We weren’t meant to live crazy, chaotic, out of control lives. But we don’t have to live in paradise or be on vacation 24/7 to find rest and renewal. Like the verse explains, if we stay connected to our source, which is God, we will flourish and grow beautifully. The image this verse paints for me is of a person whose life, body and mind looks bright, lively and strong. It doesn’t look withered or hanging by a thread.

Now, how can we attain that?! Our days are filled with demands and crazy schedules and deadlines! Some days it seems like I just woke up and I’m already hopping into bed for the night. The key is to not allow the demands of life become more important than our relationship with God and others. What do you need to do today to find rest and renewal in God?  Maybe it means managing your time better so you can spend time with your family. Maybe it means saying no to an invitation so you can read God’s word. Perhaps it means going for a walk instead of binge watching a show on Netflix. Or maybe it means leaving some of that to-do list undone. (It’s ok if we don’t get it all done today).

Be encouraged today to find rest and relaxation, even after vacation, in your daily walk with God.

Fun fact: My last name means palm tree in Spanish… (Theresa Palma) ;)

Removing the Sting of Apathy


“I’m just feeling off today”. That’s what I say when I’m feeling down. You know? Those days you wake up feeling like something’s off. You can’t find your joy or the skip in your step. Those days, it takes so more effort to be motivated and excited about life.

One of the things I pray most about is my lack of enthusiasm. I’m not the kind of person that gets excited about things easily. I don’t know if it’s just my personality or the struggle with apathy.

After being married for a little over a year, I’ve come to understand that there are just some things Edward will not remember to do or say. I have to keep reminding him without getting upset or frustrated.

After a while, I just want to give up and be mean towards Edward. I quickly forget and ignore the things he does well and the love he shows me daily. So in an effort to keep the peace and avoid conflict I become apathetic with Edward. I don’t want to talk to him. I want to isolate myself from him and I refuse to say what’s wrong.

I think we approach our relationship with God similarly. We don’t turn to God boldly to pray and ask because we forget about what He’s already done in our lives. We turn off and become apathetic towards Him. We don’t dismiss Him from our lives completely, but we stop interacting with Him in an effort to avoid confronting our pain or our struggle. We see our circumstances and think  that God forgot about us. Unlike humans, God never fails us or forgets about us. When apathy tries to come over us, we have a choice to make. Either we will stay in that dark place or turn to God for comfort and encouragement.

We can’t forget the times God has come through for us. And we can’t stop reminding God of our requests. I believe where there is apathy, there’s a lack of prayer. A lack of “face time” with God. When we come before God daily in prayer, reminding Him that we have not forgotten that He loves us and reminding Him that we trust in His promises, I believe our faith gets reignited.

Voicing our struggle to God and finding encouragement from Him sometimes won’t be as simple and easy as we wish it could be. He’s not always going to use others to encourage us and we will not always find a book or an article that will give us answers and motivation. Maybe, perhaps, God might want to see how much fight we have in us and how much fervor we have for Him. Sometimes we have to wrestle with God, like Jacob did. Even after God broke Jacob’s socket, Jacob refused to let go until God blessed him. There was no form of apathy. He needed God’s blessing and he needed God Himself, therefore he wouldn’t let go.

If you struggle with finding the fight in you to get through daily struggles and hang-ups, like I do, let me encourage you to fervently seek God. Don’t let go, don’t stop praying, don’t stop seeking, until He blesses you. Don’t stop asking God to give you wisdom, guidance and passion for that dream to become a reality. Don’t stop wrestling until He blesses you.

More than the blessings and the rewards, let’s keep seeking God just because we need more of Him in our lives. A sure remedy for sorrow, heaviness, and hardship, is taking refuge in God’s presence. The closeness that happens when we embrace God, when we wrestle with Him, fills up our lives with purpose and that ignites us once more, removing the sting of apathy from our lives.


Jacob Wrestles with God
Genesis 32:22-32


Do you recall a specific situation in the past that God brought you through? Do you believe He will bring you through a current struggle? Be encouraged to surrender your current struggle to God and remind Him of His promises.

Photo by Becky Fernandez |

Design Tip Tuesday: Family is Everything

#TipTuesday, Design


Use Font Families

So, what is a font family? A font family, also know as a typeface, is a set of one or more fonts with different weights, sizes, and slants that share common design features. The above font family or typeface being used is Didot. And I have incorporated three different fonts from the Didot font family: regular, italic, and bold.

As you can see, using different fonts from within a font family, can also make a design dynamic and cohesive. Font families are designed to be cohesive yet diverse.

Rule of thumb: when you’re not sure what fonts look good together, it’s best to use different fonts within a font family. You can’t go wrong when you stay within a font family. Once you become more familiarized with typography rules and looks, you’ll be able to experiment with different font family combinations.

Jumping for Joy in Wynwood

Culture, Design, Fashion

If you’ve never been to Wynwood in Miami, you’re missing out. There are galleries you can visit, amazing restaurants (for all my fellow foodies), and monthly events they put on. Take a look at some of the street art you can view when you visit Miami’s Art District.
















Photos were taken with an iPhone 6 camera. (Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! I love the pictures it takes).

Design Tip Tuesday: Avoid Cliches

#TipTuesday, Design

Design is such a vital part of any brand, company and organization. But sometimes hiring a designer is not part of the equation (unfortunately). Because of that, I’ve decided to share some helpful tips for all you start-ups, non-profits, and aspiring designers.



Think outside the box! Don’t use cliches, typical icons, or dated graphical treatments, to express your ideas. You can simply research, brainstorm, sketch (you don’t have to know how to draw), or ask others’ input. If you take some time, your business will benefit from being original.

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