Unearthing Easter Part 2


“I love… Jesus”, I said to my husband right before falling asleep in bed. I think he expected me to say, “I love… you”. We don’t fall asleep without saying I love you to each other. But, on that particular day, I just had to verbalize to someone how much I truly loved Jesus. Not because it’s a cliché thing to say or because it’s the Christian thing to say, but because I was learning so much about who He is and what He did for us.

During the months of March and April, I made a decision to study the book of Matthew with a group of ladies, in order to prepare for this Easter season (we are following a bible study plan from Good Morning Girls). We share every day what God has revealed to us. The testimonies and new understanding we share, are ways we help each other grow in our faith. I think they can say, as can I, that learning about Jesus has caused our heart to long for Him and love Him even more.

My mission during these couple of months was for my faith and understanding of God’s word to be renewed. I’ve read the passages in the book of Matthew many, many times before, but for some reason they have come alive. Perhaps it has to do with the intention and motives of my heart in seeking God.

One of the themes we have seen in Jesus’ words and ministry is having the right motives for what we do. He is all about the intention of our hearts. When speaking of murder he said that if we curse a person, we have murdered in our hearts. When he spoke of prayer, he said God didn’t want to hear repetitive words, but authentic heartfelt prayers, and when He spoke of fasting, He told us to keep it to ourselves, because what we do in secret for God, He would reward us for it. The intentions of our heart matter more to God than our works. How we do things, versus what we do, matter to Him.

There have been many times that I’ve served God with the wrong motives, for recognition, or for my own gain. He knew I did and although those works served other people’s needs, God knew the intentions of my heart. Any other type of accolade I gained had no weight compared to the reward God could’ve given me if my heart had been set on Him. Have you been there before? Expecting to get a reward from people for the service or work you do? It’s human nature to desire recognition, but let me encourage you today to believe that the reward that God has for you is greater and better than any reward you can gain from people.

Reading Jesus’ words convicts me to my core. There’s nothing better and more loving than some tough love. People that love you, tell you what’s right and what’s good for you and that’s why I exclaim, “I love Jesus!”. He truly desires what’s good and right for me.

What can you do today to focus on serving God with the right motives?

Have you ever received “tough love” from someone, and it consequently brought positive changes to your life?

Unearthing Easter


The hearts, the red, the pinks and all that makes Valentine’s day wonderful, has been invaded and overturned by Easter eggs and pastels. Forget St. Patty’s day… Easter everything has taken over!

Year after year, I can’t believe how quickly department stores change their merchandise from one holiday to another, in what seems like a blink of an eye.

As a child, I looked forward to Easter because of all the fun traditions and candy. My mom never went without buying me some Peeps (you know, those sugary, marshmallowy, yellow chicks), and dressing me up in a cute summer dress. Even if church wasn’t always in the picture, it was during Easter. And Easter egg hunting, was a must.

Today, I continue to enjoy the Easter traditions we practiced growing up. However, as time has passed I’ve realized that Easter is much more than eggs, bunnies, and pretty dresses. It’s about remembering and recognizing the work of Jesus Christ in this world.

This year, I’m unearthing Easter by digging into God’s word, in order to rediscover the meaning of Easter. I want to rediscover why we celebrate it, dress up for it, and go to church for it?

How will I do this? By being part of  Good Morning Girls’ study on the book of Matthew. Every day, in March and April, I’ll be reading a chapter from the book of Matthew in the Bible. What’s most exciting about this, is that I get to do it with a group of women from all over the world! We will share, pray, and uncover Easter together.

Please come back to hear what we have learned!


What are you looking forward to this Easter season? How will you rediscover the meaning of Easter?

Exodus Bible Study Recap-Part 1

Last week, I started a bible study by Women Living Well on the book of Exodus.

I invited a few friends and family to take this journey with me. And we have been able to share our impressions and what God is speaking to our hearts. It has been a great experience to hear the perspective of women that all live unique and different lives, but share one thing in common. Their faith in Jesus.

As a group, we observed and learned that God will use us no matter what our imperfections are, as He did with Moses. We just have to be willing and obedient to His call on our lives.

My main observation, so far, is that God will do WHATEVER it takes to redeem us and save us. He will use a persons life, speak through others, and show His mighty works, in order to capture our hearts. At the end of it all, He simply desires to be with us.

How can we now apply these truths to our lives? We must be willing to draw close to God and allow Him to speak to us. Not only that, but we must allow for God to be God in our lives. We must allow Him to be our Helper and our Redeemer.

Passage to meditate on:
“I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds. Your way, O God, is holy. What god is great like our God? You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.” -Psalm‬ ‭77‬:‭11-14‬ ESV