Design Tip Tuesday: Family is Everything


Use Font Families

So, what is a font family? A font family, also know as a typeface, is a set of one or more fonts with different weights, sizes, and slants that share common design features. The above font family or typeface being used is Didot. And I have incorporated three different fonts from the Didot font family: regular, italic, and bold.

As you can see, using different fonts from within a font family, can also make a design dynamic and cohesive. Font families are designed to be cohesive yet diverse.

Rule of thumb: when you’re not sure what fonts look good together, it’s best to use different fonts within a font family. You can’t go wrong when you stay within a font family. Once you become more familiarized with typography rules and looks, you’ll be able to experiment with different font family combinations.

Design Tip Tuesday: Avoid Cliches

Design is such a vital part of any brand, company and organization. But sometimes hiring a designer is not part of the equation (unfortunately). Because of that, I’ve decided to share some helpful tips for all you start-ups, non-profits, and aspiring designers.



Think outside the box! Don’t use cliches, typical icons, or dated graphical treatments, to express your ideas. You can simply research, brainstorm, sketch (you don’t have to know how to draw), or ask others’ input. If you take some time, your business will benefit from being original.

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