Home Sweet Home–Fall Collection


About the Collection:
This year’s theme for the Fall Collection is all about the comfort of being home. Whether home is a one bedroom apartment or a house by the beach, there’s no feeling like being home. Cozying up with a warm drink, sharing memories with loved ones, and taking time to slow down are all part of this wonderful season. When life starts to pick up its pace, this collection is a reminder to seek comfort in being still in your most favorite place with your most favorite people.


Launch Details:
To celebrate the launch of the Fall Collection, the new Home Sweet Home Mug will be released at 30% off! Yup, this is not a drill, people. A very limited about of mugs will launch today at 12pm, so make sure to take advantage!

Tomorrow the complete collection launches, woohoo! Mugs, prints, candles, oh my!

Mugs: The new Home Sweet Home Mug will be fully stocked and ready for you to purchase. You’re going to love the perfectly unperfect hand-lettered design!

Prints: This year it’s sans pumpkins, leaves, and autumn quotes. I’m taking a bit of a risk this year by releasing illustrations of Fall Florals and a print of the Home Sweet Home design. It’s all about simplicity and timeless decor.

Candles: What is fall without the perfect fall candles, right?! Tomorrow I’ll be launching two soy candles: pumpkin + clove and sugar + spice. They smell DELICIOUS! Plus, they’re made with all natural essential oils. Non-toxic is always a good thing. You can expect to see two candle designs, which you’ll be able to pair with either of the two scents.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the new Fall Collection! Hope you enjoy and share these new goodies with all your family & friends. You can shop the collection here starting today!


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