May Wallpaper Freebies


These wallpapers were inspired by all the amazing mothers I know and love. My own momma (which is why I included a Spanish version of the hand-lettered wallpaper), my sisters, my friends, and random women I’ve met who have touched my heart.

These wallpapers are pretty neutral for a reason. Many, tons, of women I know, are mothers, nurturers, and role models to other women, without being biological mothers. And I think we should celebrate them too!


This year, more than ever, I wish I was being celebrated as a Mother. I know the pain and the impatience that some may feel while waiting to be mothers. These wallpapers are for you and me. And some mothers, who perhaps aren’t able to have their own children, have chosen to be adoptive or foster mothers. These are for you too, mommas!


To all the mommas out there: biological, adoptive, foster, soon-to-be, waiting-to-be, and taken the role of mother, all these are for you!

Download the wallpapers by clicking on the wallpaper. Then, right-click if you’re on a desktop or long press if you’re on a mobile device.


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