What Word will Define Your Year?

Last year, I started a yearly tradition for myself. I chose a word for my year. A word that would define and drive my goals and dreams. That word was: Brave. I needed lots of courage to do the things God was asking me to do and by naming my year, I felt pressure (the good kind) to live up to the word.

Up until the very last week of 2015, I was challenged to live up to the word brave. I was amazed at the things God did through me and for me, because of the expectation I set for my year. Naming my year also helped me bring down negative thoughts that crept up and it was a reminder that my year was defined by a positive affirmation and not a negative one. 


Well this year, I named my year Discipline and Overcome. Discipline in my eating habits. Discipline in my writing habits. Discipline in my work habits. Discipline with time management. Oh, and the list goes on and on. Overcome was a word gifted to me by one of my dearest friends. And it’s the word that will help me defeat the obstacles that I will face in 2016 while striving to be more disciplined.

I would love to hear from you on what word you have chosen to define your 2016. What word will drive your goals, dreams, and endeavors in 2016? Will you allow that word to be a positive reinforcement when negativity tries to creep into your thoughts? Do you believe that God will give you the power and strength to live up to your word? I believe He can and He will!

To help keep your word at the top of your mind, I would like to gift you with a free print with the word you chose for 2016. So, comment below with your word, to enter to win a print!

The winner will be announced Tuesday, January 26. Contest ends tomorrow, January 22 at 11:59 pm. Print will be handwritten, digitized, and will look similar to the artwork at the top of this post (frame not included).

Good luck!

29 thoughts on “What Word will Define Your Year?

  1. laurasmythers

    Awesome! Love it!
    This year, I’ve decided that GROWTH is the name of my year. Growth in learning how to be a new mom, growth in our walk with God, in our marriage, in our careers, in our finances, in our faith.

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  2. Monica

    Love this!!
    The word that will define my year is FOCUS. I will focus on what God has spoken to me for this season of my life not the obstacles that come. Focus on what God has entrusted me with to nurture, help, and love. I will focus on who God says I am not the lies the enemy wants me to believe. Great things ahead!!

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  3. Genevieve

    This inspired me so much today! I’ve decided to make my 2016 word Courage as well. Courage to do and be more for my family, especially when they can’t, courage to follow Gods voice no matter my insecurities or hang ups, courage to be a leader and Godly example to those around me, and courage to be a better me all together.

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  4. I’ve decided to name my year Courage and Risk. In this new season my prayer is that I’m courageous enough to be obedient to Gods call daily. Risk because, trusting God isn’t easy all the time but in the end God is always faithful.
    Love this post!

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  5. Love this T!!! Well, I usually choose a verse for the year. I’ve been doing it for a while now, like a verse that describes my Goal for that year. This year’s verse is Colossians 1:9-10. If I summed it up in one word it would be PRAY. This year for me is a year I wanna accomplish a LOT, I’ve a huge and daunting to-do list. But I know that my tendency will be to try to do it all in my own strength. So I will need to remind myself daily that I should PRAY first, and wait for His Wisdom and guidance, strength and power. So, yeah. PRAY. Thanks for helping me boil it down to one word!!

    Speaking of goals….my first is to change the look and feel of my blog. Will you email me at RedefineSpecial@gmail.com so we can start a conversation about what I want to do, and what you think it would cost, how long it would take, and if you’re even available to do it? Sorry I just can’t find your contact info for some reason (new phone, etc.)

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  6. Heather O.

    My word this year is SIMPLIFY. I get so overwhelmed trying to do everything, please others and it just turns into chaos. I’m ready to de-clutter and prioritize what matters most to me in this life.

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      1. Sure. 🙂 I picked my verse by looking up ones with the word confident in them and they praying about which verse God has for me this year. He made it clear that Phil. 1:6 is definitely the verse! This was my first year picking a verse.

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  7. Michelle

    The word I have picked is surrender. I will not try and be in control, but surrender everything over to God. I will also surrender my needs, wants, and time to grow closer to him.

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  9. Veronica A

    I know the contest is over but I wanted to share ^_^. I’ve been thinking of your question! Last year I had a word, “FEARLESS”, fearless to trust God, fearless to let go and let God, fearless to throw aside all of life’s worries and uncertainties, a slight fearlessness of death(not to be confused with foolishness), and fearless enough to consider putting dreams into motion that scared me. This year I’ve decided upon “DIFFERENT”. as in different from before. Last year was one of the best yet, but there is always room for improvement. This year I have a lot of details on my resolution list, and they will all require me to grow out of a lifetime of bad habits, and to finally do the “little” things that have been covered in dust and put off. I was slightly bummed at the start of the year because I imagined my plans would have been taking off, so everything seemed the same which is so anti-climatic. This year will actually be a year of preparation for 2017, sounds boring huh? Nope, I may be stuck in the same place but things will be different in the big little things this year around. In the words of John Wooden “tomorrow is in large part determined by what you do today”. Uncharted territory requires a different route.

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