2015 Year in Review 

Oh what an amazing year of growth, acceleration, and leaps of faith! 

Together with friends, family, and faithful supporters, Styld by Grace experienced many firsts and milestones in 2015. 

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Our very first photo shoot on the sandy beaches of Miami. 

2. A #Summerbloggin devotional series called Anchored in God. 

3. The launch of our Etsy shop, featuring our first Styld by Grace Tee.

4. A wonderful Fall Giveaway ($100 Target gift card, soy candle, and Styld by Grace Tee). 

5. Creation of original artwork as wallpapers for iPhones & android phones.

6. A major increase in viewership with more than double the views on our blog posts, than 2014. We also increased our social community on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress. 

Thank you for reading, contributing, liking, commenting and being part of the Styld by Grace community. We are expectant and hopeful that 2016 will bring more growth, expansion, and influence. And we hope to continue blessing you and encouraging you to be styled by God’s grace. 

Have a very Happy New Year! 

What were some of your 2015 milestones? And what are you expectant for in 2016?

One thought on “2015 Year in Review 

  1. Mimi 😊

    Wow what a amazing year indeed. So proud of the impact and blessing you have made to so many. I love your blog because it definitely reflects your name.
    Some of my milestones have been moving to a new state and start it all brand new. My daughter began attending public school after being homeschooled for 4 years. God has been amazing at restoring and uniting my husbands family. It’s been a difficult but blessed year for me and my family. I couldn’t of done it without my King who gave me the strength, peace and desire to keep going. Trusting that He was with me through it all.
    Looking forward for what the Lord will have for Styld by Grace. Praying for an amazing blogging and blessing year for you. Thank you.


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