Unearthing Easter


The hearts, the red, the pinks and all that makes Valentine’s day wonderful, has been invaded and overturned by Easter eggs and pastels. Forget St. Patty’s day… Easter everything has taken over!

Year after year, I can’t believe how quickly department stores change their merchandise from one holiday to another, in what seems like a blink of an eye.

As a child, I looked forward to Easter because of all the fun traditions and candy. My mom never went without buying me some Peeps (you know, those sugary, marshmallowy, yellow chicks), and dressing me up in a cute summer dress. Even if church wasn’t always in the picture, it was during Easter. And Easter egg hunting, was a must.

Today, I continue to enjoy the Easter traditions we practiced growing up. However, as time has passed I’ve realized that Easter is much more than eggs, bunnies, and pretty dresses. It’s about remembering and recognizing the work of Jesus Christ in this world.

This year, I’m unearthing Easter by digging into God’s word, in order to rediscover the meaning of Easter. I want to rediscover why we celebrate it, dress up for it, and go to church for it?

How will I do this? By being part of  Good Morning Girls’ study on the book of Matthew. Every day, in March and April, I’ll be reading a chapter from the book of Matthew in the Bible. What’s most exciting about this, is that I get to do it with a group of women from all over the world! We will share, pray, and uncover Easter together.

Please come back to hear what we have learned!


What are you looking forward to this Easter season? How will you rediscover the meaning of Easter?

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